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OneUp Carbon E-Bike Handlebar

OneUp Carbon E-Bike Handlebar

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E-Bikes let you ride further for longer. But they’re also heavier and more physically demanding to ride. That makes reducing fatigue important. Our Carbon E-Bar is 20% more compliant than other brand's carbon handlebars and it’s equipped with integrated ports for E-Bike controls.

Product Specs

Width: 800mm
Diameter: 35mm
Geometry: Sweep 8° Back, 5° Up 
Weight: 35mm Rise (238g)
Max Stem Clamp Width: 65mm
Max Stem Clamp Torque: 6Nm
Max Lever Clamp Torque: 5Nm
Minimum Trim width: 740mm
Colour: Black
Decal kits: Custom Decal kits sold seperately, available on request.