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Lyne Components Dropper post - Internal

Lyne Components Dropper post - Internal

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The Contour dropper post has a proven track record for being high quality, serviceable and wallet-friendly. The Contour V2 post includes significant improvements to make things run smoother, last longer with simpler maintenance.


So what’s changed?

Brass keys- we have changed from pressed keys to cylindrical turned keys; these are easier to replace on servicing and allow for tighter tolerances reducing sideward play once the post is worn.

Stanchion and bushing diameter- we have increased the stanchion and diameter which helps load the bushings more evenly increasing durability

Added DU bushing- adding a third bushing in the mid-cap means more bushing overlap resulting in increased stability of the stanchion.


What stayed the same?

 Our bulletproof sealed cartridge is used throughout our internal dropper range. Our pressure adjustable XL cartridges of past have been replaced with fixed pressure cartridges that don’t require air top-ups and further improve reliability.

High-end construction – Our droppers are still using 7075 alloy to ensure the right balance between strength, durability, and weight.


What lever is best for me?

See the diagram in the image section for reference. 

Underbar lever: This is our underbar lever that is suited to bikes with a 1X (single chainring up front) drivetrain.  The lever sits in the position where the front shifter would have been and mimics the thumb action of a shifter. Note: some new lockout levers are positioned here, in this scenario use an over bar lever.

Over bar lever: This lever works best for bikes with 2X or 3X drivetrains where a front shifter is still used on the handlebar. This can be run on the left or right of the handlebar and works with nearly every setup.



*2 Year warranty on physical failure of the post

*1 Year warranty on moving parts.